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Elbphilharmonie Hamburg — Grand Opening


Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
The Grand Opening

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An Ode to Joy!
Hamburg emits light out into the world.

During construction, nothing went the way it should with the Elbphilharmonie: it took 7 years longer to build it and it was 500mio euros over budget. People were angry. But today, everybody loves the Elbphilharmonie. What happened?

For the Grand Opening we invited absolutely everybody to take part – not just the VIPs inside. We painted the music of the opening concert in real time on the building, turning the facade into a visual body of sound – using Google live as a 360° video.

Today all concerts are sold out. With over 1.5 million visitors, the Elbphilharmonie is the new tourist hotspot.


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Photo:  Ralph Larmann
Photo:  Ralph Larmann

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