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Elbphilharmonie Hamburg — Slow & Motion

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
Slow & Motion


Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
Slow &Motion

Discover the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg from the inside through they eyes of two interactive drones — Slow & Motion. 

Case film:


During construction, nothing went the way it should with the Elbphilharmonie: it took 7 years longer to build it and it was 500mio euros over budget. People were angry. But today, everybody loves the Elbphilharmonie. What happened?

We thrilled people before the opening with an exclusive and interactive preview of the building with the two drones Slow & Motion. With one touch, users could change the speed of their flight: from floating epically to high speeds of up to 40 mph.

Millions enjoyed it and shared it. Worldwide media picked it up and used the content in their media coverage.




Jung von Matt


My Role:
Executive Creative Director